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Day 20: Living Small in the “Just Because I Said So”

just because i said so“Just because I said so” is one of those parental go-to phrases to put the press on your children’s obedience.

Just do it because I said to do it.

But, children don’t always respond in sweet compliance. And, neither do we.

As adults, we continue to live under the authority of our bosses, our government, and God. We too resist the authority of “just because I said so.”  We attempt to validate our rebellion with these rationalizations:

I want to know WHY…why do I have to obey? Why are you are asking me to do it? Why is this law here in the first place? Why can I not eat an entire pack of Double Stuffed Oreos while I watch an entire season of Downton Abby?

I need to UNDERSTAND before I will comply. If it doesn’t make sense to me, it’s difficult for me to follow along. Before I say yes to moving to South Carolina, I need to understand how it will all work out for my kids, for each of our futures.

I have to have my VOICE heard or else I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of.  I’ve got to give my input before I can change my direction.

These resistant feelings originate from the very, very, very beginning. From the very first sin. From the very first woman, Eve.  Her story can teach us much about living small (humbly) in the bigness of God.

bigness of God

Eve was very unique. She wasn’t born but actually created out of the rib of Adam while he was sleeping (Genesis 2:20-22).

She was sinless, without sin and shame (Genesis 2:25). Without jealous, shame, insecurity. She walked around naked…without insecurity! She didn’t harbor anger with her husband or any sinful, snarkiness. She was sinless.

I wonder with all that, what possibly could have tripped her up? What was the sin, what shift in thought caused her to turn and break fellowship with her Creator? Genesis 3:6 says,

“When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it.”

She wanted to be like God, to know what God knew (Genesis 3:1-7).

She wasn’t satisfied to trust and obey God’s “just because I said so (Genesis 2:16-17).”

What tripped Eve up, trips us up still.

We too aren’t satisfied to trust God with our smallness and His bigness.

We often don’t want to follow His design.

We really don’t trust His restrictions just because He says so.

Instead of being satisfied with living small in the bigness of God, we want to be the Big One, calling the shots and knowing everything.


What can we learn from Eve’s story about living small?

Living small, living humbly, and living with the correct understanding of myself in light of who God is positions me to accept the facts that God loves me deeply and is working to bring about the best for me and for His glory.

When He says “no, just because I say so,” I trust and obey just because He is my loving Father who I believe is protecting and caring for me in ways that I can’t see and may not understand.

Are you going through something right now, today in which you feel like He is saying no to you? Do you not understand and feel unclear as to why?  Can you rest in “just because he says so?” Ugh, I know it’s hard.  Live small and know you are loved.

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