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Day 21: Living Small in “I Can’t Do It”

i can't do it mountain

Climbing a mountain, cleaning a messy playroom, or writing this blog post can often be mountainous, overwhelming, and unconquerable tasks that rise up on the days when we just don’t have one single ounce of strength left! The “I can’t do its” seep in and shift our gears into fast-moving defeat!

I love stories and hearing stories from people who lived small (or didn’t live small) can teach me a lot about:

bigness of God

I need all the help I can get. Living small in hard. Living small is confusing and difficult and frustrating. Especially when I feel small in my own insecurities and fear. Like Moses.

On an ordinary day, Moses was tending his sheep (Exodus 3). In an extra-ordinary way, God gives Moses a very clear command:

So now, GO. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt. Exodus 3:10

So clear. So direct. Then, Moses had a moment.

A moment to let it settle in. A moment for the bigness of God, all fiery and hot. A moment for His command, His invitation to mush down into his heart. One moment to determine how he would respond. A small, spacious moment that contained his present and his future. One hefty moment. 

When confronted with the bigness of God in our little space, we too have a moment, a moment to respond.  Tilting one way or the other, we can either feel small or live small. Let’s explore the difference…

Next to the bigness of God and His big plan, I can easily feel small and let my feelings of insecurity run rampant and overshadow any powerful thing God could do IN me. I can allow my feelings to minimize His bigness and maximize my limitations so that I feel so very small and shrink away from saying yes to whatever He is asking me to do because I lack all confidence that He could do it through me.

When I live small, I stand in the truth that I am nothing and that I can do nothing without God. I live in humble awareness of my desperate need of Him. Instead of feeling small in my smallness, I am empowered and strengthened because of His big love.

But most days, I let my feelings take flight and run the show. And, I feel so small.

Moses did too. He chose to allow his insecurities and fears in the “I can’t do it” to drive him down to the valley of what-ifs (Exodus 3:11). It’s a dark and twisty road.  And, we will wind around there tomorrow.

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