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Day 27: Repurpose Your Closet and Live Small

Photo Credit: BrittneyBush via Compfight cc Design: Amy Ruth
Photo Credit: BrittneyBush via Compfight cc Design: Amy Ruth

As we turn the bend into the final 5 days of our 31 day journey together, there are a few remaining topics in our discussion about living small.

Today, will you join me in a place most of us spend a lot of time in contemplation???


One might assume that living small in your closet would mean:

minimize the quantity by purging 1/3 and donating to a charity


go on a weight loss program and live in smaller sizes (as if it were that easy!)

But, our emphasis here is to ask a simple question. A simple question that may not have an immediate resolution but one that is worthy of personal investigation. One that can be wrestled with amidst our own hangers and shoe horns:


Peering into your closet, what determines your wardrobe selection? What motivates your choice? What inspires your ensemble combination?

desire for…admiration







I know, ouch. I grapple with getting dressed for all the wrong reasons. I want my cute TOMS booties to be noticed or my Kate Spade skinny jeans to be raved about. I often get dressed solely for me, for my praise and affirmation.

That’s not living small, my friend. As I’m allowing God’s truth this month to invade the nooks and crannies of my heart, I’m discovering it’s in these little places that massive shifts can happen.

To shift our focus and priority into simple living, I wonder if we could redirect how we think about what we wear.

I wonder if instead of thinking about how we could be recognized or our shoes be praised, we would consider how it might become an open door to connect with someone else.

A conversation starter. A bridge of connection. A bridge to encourage.

Hoping to speak life. Speak truth. And, share Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Day 27: Repurpose Your Closet and Live Small

  1. Well until I noticed the photo credit – I was thinking all those perfectly matching hangers were yours, Amy . I’ve been trying to match the hangers in my closets for 3 decades – I’m going to let that go and thank God it’s hanging up and not draped on the treadmill. That’s as far as I got with meditating on your blog. I think I dress for my husband – we he’s not around I really get pretty sloppy. As always – enjoyed your blog.

    1. Margie, you are cracking me up! My clothes are hang by color but my hangers are not matching : ) love your attention to detail and that you’ve been on this live small journey with me!

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