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Day 29: Saying “Yes” to a Helping Hand is Living Small

i don't need help
“I don’t need help!”

One of the most humbly ways to live small is to accept help.

Just yesterday, I was having a rough one. My sweet girlfriend could tell I was in dire need, and she offered to bring over dinner. I graciously responded with “No, thank you. I’m putting chicken in.” (you know, it was on the menu board ; )

Although, not having to cook would be delightful. Although, not having to prepare would be fabulous. And although, not having to clean-up, oh boy- that would be supreme!

Yet, I still resisted with an “I can do it” attitude.  I don’t need help. I’ve got it.  I’ll power through.

I love my friend. She texted me back and melted my prideful resolve with this:

“Live small by letting others help?? Boom. Blog post done.”

And, my family had a delicious sub sandwich meal last night compliments of my sweet, thoughtful, truth-filled friend.

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