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Day 30: A Great Conversationalist Lives Small, part 3

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I’ve loved your responses and extended conversations about… conversations! Indeed, it is a valuable topic to discuss and to learn more about. Just a few weeks ago, we unfolded that a great conversationalist:

Listens & responds IN LOVE.

Pauses to pray.

Here’s another to add to our list:

A great conversationalist GIVES without expectation of return.

More specifically…gives COMPLIMENTS w/o expectation of return. There have been times when I would intentionally give honest compliments or praises all the while hoping they would be reciprocated.

“Oh, you look so cute today. I just love the way you’ve done your hair.”

pause. waiting. waiting. waiting….for the throw-back compliment, right?


“You did such a great job on that presentation. You are such a gifted speaker.”

pause. waiting. waiting. pause…perfect time for you to say something nice about me.

Have you ever? It’s so easy to throw a compliment out there in hopes that you will get one thrown right back to you. That’s not living small. More like selfish manipulation. Eek.

To live small is to give the gift of a compliment to bless that person alone without any expectation of a return. For THEM. Not for me. With hands open, empty and free.

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