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Day 31: Living Small in Being #1

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween and end of October!

All my life, I’ve pushed to be the best: the MVP, the high-point scorer, the Homecoming Queen, the President of the Student Body, the bible study teacher, the History Department Head, the Account Team Manager.

I’ve pushed and I’ve pressed to keep climbing the ladder, to be #1, to not be satisfied with anything but the tops.

Because, you know… being the best equals worth and validates all my hard work and effort.

But, living small has posed this question into the nooks and crannies of my heart:

Why does anything less than the best mean failure to me?

Anything less than the best in:

my housekeeping

my body

my clothes

my discipline

my personality

my teeth

my home

my children

I measure, evaluate, then distribute judgement on myself.

Learning to live small, I’ve recommitted a few things:

  • To live small, I accept imperfection and dirty laundry and crooked teeth. I realize that I won’t be the best, can’t be the best, and I will stop striving towards that end.
  • To live small, I rest with God’s placement for me in life. As I follow Him in obedience, wherever He places me becomes where I can maximumly impact for His ultimate glory. I don’t have to be the director of bible studies or best-selling author or Homeroom Mom to have the most impact for His kingdom. We each have our God-designed role to play. And, it’s perfectly suited for each one of us.
  • To live small, I believe that the best isn’t determined by reaching the top of the podium or the gold medal or the first place prize. I will reach for what God has called me to do for this season of life, and I will do it with all my might.

Thank you for joining me on this 31 day journey of living small! I pray we have seen the beauty and freedom found in walking humbly with the big love of God.

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  1. Thanks Amy for for these great blogs on living small. Striving for excellence yet really wanting to live humbly before God and others is tough. We are all blessed when you share your stories with us.

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