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When the Noise is So Loud

Our new, noisy Labradoodle, Bandit
Our new, noisy Labradoodle, Bandit

Hello, again!  It’s been silent here for the last 3 months.  Honestly, I was plumb out of words!  The weeks leading up to the holidays and those after are notoriously crazy and noisy. For you, too?  Post-crazy, I needed to be quiet.  Silent. And listen to the “shhhh-ing” inside. The noise of my life had become so loud.

I love order and calmness and quiet. But, I live in a world in which there are only small doses of order, few moments of calmness, and very much anti-quiet.

There is nothing calm about a 3-year-old boy and a Labradoodle puppy becoming best of buds, wrestling right underneath my feet. There is little quiet in the clamour of daily homework, rushing to sports practice, requests to proof read, and the need for science tri-fold presentation boards. And, the commotion that comes with mounds of laundry and hairy, dirty floors is a constant calling in this home that I love.

Is your life noisy too?

Noise isn’t only reserved for my outside self, but noise also chatters inside myself.

The pandemonium with an overloaded and jittery heart filled with worries and fears for the safety of my family, playing out a fear-filled color-like-movie of the worst-case scenario. The high volume of doubt that chops at my confidence as a mom, fighting the feelings that I am totally messing up my “men-to-be.” The racket of my over analyzations held in casual conversations, questioning my ability to relate and communicate accurately.

Noises clamours both on my outside and inside.

When the noise is so loud, silence is my safety zone. Quietness is my equalizer.  If my heart can reach a stable calm, then the outer noise doesn’t reach the high-pitched volume that morphs me into a frenzied she-devil.

I am learning that fostering quiet on the inside affects the noise on the outside.

And, quietness begins in my heart. With Jesus.

“…He will QUIET you with HIS LOVE…”

Zephaniah 3:17 

His love mutes the noise thus stabilizing the crazy of my day.

His love silences the commotion of all the have-tos and needs-to.

His love enables me to rest because I don’t need to prove anything to anybody.

His love says: Shhhh... Quit trying to do everything perfectly. You are loved in all your imperfections. 

His love says: Resist the urge to be liked and affirmed by your people. You are loved and approved by Me. Walk in My love.

His love says:  Trust Me with your life, with your kids, with their futures. You are loved and so are they. I work everything out for their good and My glory.

Remember, you are loved.  And in His love, you will find the quiet your soul craves no matter the decibles pound in your day to day.

Is your life noisy? Does your heart jitter with the internal crazies? Find a few minutes and read  Isaiah 43:1-4. Remember and be quieted by God’s love for you today.  You are loved.