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Shine Your Light

shine, sunlight, radiant, let your light shine

I’m participating in an annual event The Nester founded and will be joining over 1,000 other bloggers as we write for each day in October.

This is the LAUNCH page (a table of contents of sorts) which I will be updating daily:

Day 1: Getting Rid of the Gloomy and Blah Days

Day 2: *Matthew 5:16

Day 3: When You Feel Less Than, There Is Hope

Day 4: What You Can’t Buy At Sephora

Day 5: When You Want The Easy Answer (formerly known as One Thing You Have To Do To Shine)

Day 6: Learning To Move Forward When You Hit A Bump In The Road

Day 7: The Light That’s Always On- Forever and Ever, Amen!

Day 8: *John 8:12

Day 9: *Psalm 34:5

Day 10: Becoming Radiant Begins With These Two Questions

Day 11: The Fear That Stops Many From Shining

Day 12: The Simple But Difficult Truth Of Letting Your Light Shine

Day 13: When You Just Can’t Get There, Is It Worth It? (formerly known as Finding a Shortcut Into the Light)

Day 14: Room To Practice and Grace To Mess-up

Day 15: *Psalm 85:19

Day 16: *1 Corinthians 4:5

Day 17: When You Are Tired of Faking It

Day 18: When You Feel Like You Are Losing

Day 19: How To Ignite Authentic Friendships

Day 20: When Fear Creeps Up On You

Day 21: When You Question the Sweetness of God

Day 22: *Ecclesiastes 11:7

Day 23: *Psalm 19:8

Day 24: When You Are Doing It the Hard Way

Day 25: When You Feel Useless

Day 26: 3 Steps Towards Godly Confidence

Day 27: 3 Ways To Shine Your Light in Your Marriage

Day 28: 7 Practical Ways to Brighten Up Your Parenting

Day 29: *Psalm 4:6

Day 30: *Isaiah 60:1

Day 31: 6 Ways To Shine Your Light in Your Neighborhood

*Each Saturday and Sunday of this month, I will share a scripture (made with word swag) that is related to our RADIANT topic.