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Day 3: When You Feel Less Than, There Is Hope

Crabbing on Edisto Island
Crabbing on Edisto Island

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5, NIV

Most little girls love glittering, sparkling, radiant things. Even grown-up girls.

When I was newly engaged, I would swoop my hand in front of anyone and everyone with hopes to catch their eye with the glimmering and dazzling symbol of forever love on my left ring finger. I would even gaze at my engagement ring when I was all by myself.

I still do. I love sparkly things.

But often, I don’t feel so glimmering. I feel silly and anxious and tired and heavy and blah.

When you are feeling less than- less than sparkly, beautiful, shiny, dazzling… here are 3 things to think about from Psalm 34:5:

1. You, yes you, can be radiant.

It is possible to become a radiant, sparkly, beautiful, dazzling person.  It is possible… no matter what you’ve done or currently are doing. There is hope because God says it.

2. The possibility becomes reality with Jesus.

3. When we look to Him, shame will no longer cover us.

Shame is the opposite of radiant. Shame is heavy, hopeless, humiliating, guilty, regretful, disgraceful. It is the awareness that we’ve done something wrong and it’s whispering who we are.

  • Have you felt covered, weighted down, heavy with that deep-in-the-gut feeling of regret?
  • Have you taken what you’ve done and accepted it as who you are?
  • Do you feel gloomy because you just can’t shake the mess that you have become?

There is hope for you… for me… for us. A beautiful, glimmering hope in the light of Jesus.

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