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Day 5: When You Want the Easy Answer

oklahoma sunrise
Oklahoma sunrise

Radiant is such a curious and intriguing word for me. Within the explanation of the word is the one thing you have to do TO BE the word, radiant. Do you see it?

radiant ra·di·ant  \ˈrā-dē-ənt\

1:  giving out or reflecting rays of light

2:  glowing with love, confidence, or joy


Oh yes, radiance comes by reflecting the true light! That’s the easy answer: to be, you do.

Imagine that you are holding a mirror. Does the mirror have any power on it’s own to shine? No, it doesn’t have the capacity. It’s not within it’s make-up to shine. On it’s own, it cannot be radiant or sparkly.

But, when you position the mirror to reflect a light source (the sun, a flashlight, etc.), voila- it shines brightly!

In order to be radiant- to let your light shine, to be dazzling, gorgeous, glittery, you must be in the position to reflect the True Light.

Go ahead and accept the fact that you don’t have the capacity to shine on your own. No matter how energetic, peppy, gregarious, chipper you are. You can’t do it. It’s not in your make-up.

But when you draw near to God, when you nuzzle up to His presence, when you take refuge in the shadow of His wings, you can’t stop the glittery shininess that will emanate from you because of Him.

If you want to be a radiant person like I do, quit trying so hard to do it on your own. Accept the fact that you can’t. Let go of pride. Say “I need help.” And do whatever it takes to get in the best position for reflection.

And then, my friend…as we reflect His light, we will glow with love, joy, and confidence!

*In the upcoming days, we will be exploring specific, practical ways to get in position to reflect and to shine. Stay tuned!

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