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Day 7: The Light That’s Always On, Forever and Ever, Amen!

Columbia SC, hurricane matthew, pretty sunset
Columbia, SC, pre-Hurricane Matthew sky last night

Very few things last forever. I can’t think of one! Can you?

All the physical light we know of expires in time:

fires fizzle out;

flashlight batteries die;

even, LED lightbulbs eventually burn out.

So, it’s hard to wrap my brain around the idea of everlasting.

 For the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory. Isaiah 60:16, NIV

But, God says His light will always, always, always and forever last. Forever.

It does not fizzle out.

It does not die.

And, it does not burn out.

He will shine forever. His light will always be brilliant.

And did you see it? He will be YOUR light. His light is personal. It’s intimate. It’s specific. His light is something you can count on. Always. Forever. And ever. And ever…

When you don’t feel so shiny…when you feel blah and tired and funky, ask yourself these questions:

Is it because God’s light has dimmed?

Is it because His light has faded?

Is it because His light has burned out?

No, no, and no.

On those less than shiny days… on those days that you don’t have a confidence or joy within… on those days that you feel like you’re missing it, instead ask yourself these questions,

Have I turned away from God?

Is there anything I’m withholding from Him in surrender?

Is there anything I am doing on my own because I don’t trust what His plan could be for me?

Is there any sin blocking my heart?

Have I lost sight of really all of who He is?

Have I rotated slightly, shifted in my devotion, that I can’t fully reflect?

If we are in any less of a position than in the position to reflect His light, we are missing it. We are the ones who need to reposition.

His light is always on. Forever and ever, amen!

Every day next week, we will explore truths and tips that will help PUT US in the position for optimum reflection!


amy ruth, writer