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Day 14: Room to Practice and Grace to Mess-up

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Sunlight and Storm Clouds

I remember when I was learning to drive a car. Sitting behind the wheel, being the one in control of the vehicle, was a bit nerve-racking. It felt awkward and uncomfortable and scary. But the more I practiced, the more familiar and better I became. Now, I’ve been driving for 28 years!  And, it’s as comfortable as operating an arm or a leg.

The learning curve is a beautiful thing. It is defined as:

 the rate at which someone learns something new : the course of progress made in learning something;  a curve plotting performance against practice;

With anything new, you can expect a learning curve. But as you practice, your performance will increase and your comfort will too. Eventually, you will be practicing less and performing more.

Have you every connected your spiritual journey as a learning process? Did you know that God tells us we are on a learning curve in praising Him? He gives us room to practice and grace to mess-up:

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord. Psalm 89:15, NIV

To acclaim is to to praise (someone or something) in a very strong and enthusiastic way. We can learn through practice to praise. And when we praise Him, we walk in the light of His presence.

So, let’s practice and do this part together:

Say outloud 5 things that you can praise God for in your life. Talk directly to Him, “God, I praise you for…”

Let’s learn and practice to praise Him even if it feels awkward and uncomfortable. The more you do it, the more natural it will become. Let’s learn and practice so that we can walk in the light of His presence and be radiant!

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