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Day 28: 7 Practical Ways to Brighten Up Your Parenting

Southern sun-reflected clouds
Southern sun-reflected clouds

Of all my relationships, being a parent is THE one… THE ONE that exposes the most self-effort, the most selfishness, and the most ugly! Ugh. Sigh. Eek. Urk.

I quickly can snap, shame, discipline, yell, lecture… even though, I had full intentions to shine His light just moments before.

How do you shine your light in parenting? What does it look like to be radiant in the midst of front-line, do-or-die parenting? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be willing to ask for your child’s forgiveness when you’ve messed up.
  2. Put down your phone and look your kids in the eyes.
  3. Surrender the Facebook (or email or IG or Twitter or Pinterest) scoping out that you want to do (and that you haven’t had time to do all day) to invest in the relationship with your child by listening, distraction-free. The bright side: they will go to bed at some point.
  4. Teach them by modeling to respect each other and themselves with politeness without interuptions.
  5. Take advantage of the opportunities to teach them life lessons. Ask God to give you wisdom to see those opportunities and pounce on them!
  6. Model reading God’s Word and encourage them to read God’s word too.
  7. Make it a priority to attend church regularly on Sunday mornings together. I usually say, “It’s the best place to be on a Sunday morning. I love going to God’s house!” That habit will stick with them when they can make that choice on their own.

Shine on, my friend. Shine on.

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