Freedom, Grace & Truth

One Relationship That Will Change Your Life: Grace & Truth

Grace is lovely.

I love grace. Grace is lovable and warm and fuzzy and inviting. Grace accepts you and me for who we are and loves us still. Grace lifts our heads and supports our hearts. Grace is oh so lovely.

But, grace is easily and quite often misunderstood, misrepresented, and miscommunicated as the solitary component of Jesus. Grace is not alone.

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father,  full of grace AND truth. ” John 1:14 

Grace has a relationship with Truth.

Grace AND truth. Truth AND grace. Grace is not the only hero on the stage. Truth holds equal value, equal necessity, and equal effect. Jesus is full of both grace and truth. It is important to understand the relationship and connection of this obscure relationship that, honestly, doesn’t get a lot of airtime.

Truth gets a bad rap.

Why does truth stay in the periphery of spiritual conversations while grace seems to get the spotlight?

Truth isn’t as soft and sweet as grace. Truth is absolute and objective. Truth is hard to swallow. Truth doesn’t give the good-feels like grace does. Truth stings when it reveals our brokenness and weakness. Truth confronts our need due to our inability to meet the standard of perfection, of Jesus.

Truth gets a bad rap. But without truth, there is no grace. Truth reveals the necessity for grace. The truth that we are sinners explains the very essence of grace:

free love that is given to us even though we don’t deserve it and could never earn it.

Grace is the ultimate love and favor of God.

Life-Changing Freedom

Of all who ever walked on this earth, Jesus was the most free. The most abundant. The most satisfied.

Could it be that in His fullness of grace and truth is found the pathway to our own freedom in Him?

Let’s discover how grace and truth connect and compliment. Let’s begin to step into grace and truth and discover freedom like never before.

Don’t you want to live freer? Live fuller? And live more abundantly? Know grace and truth well. It’s a relationship that will change your life because of Jesus.

Personal reflection: What do you know of grace? What do you know of truth? What do you know of their relationship? Read John 1:14-18. Explain in 1-2 sentences the essence of grace and truth in these verses. Ask God to open up your heart and teach you more than you know now. Ask for His fullness and freedom.

After a famine of blog posting, I will post weekly in this conversation:

the freedom of a grace and truth-filled life.

See you next week!

This post is an excerpt from an upcoming project:not the same, desperate faith, grace and truth