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Why I Stopped Trying To Balance My Life

Balance sounds nice.

A balanced life sounds calm, steady, manageable, and peaceful. Balance in areas like: home and work, exercise and eating, spending time with your kids and having time to yourself. Also, internal balance with: patience and discipline, gentleness and strength, serving others and loving your family, grace and truth in relationships.

For many years, a balanced life was on my prayer list. I prayed it in desperation and frustration. Countless times, I uttered, “If I could just maintain a balance with everything that pulls at me – mom, wife, house manager, neighbor, Bible teacher – then… THEN, I would feel peace and calm and in control.”

I was hoping balance would bring an all-encompassing peace, a deep satisfaction, an affirmation to my management skills, and sanity to my crazy life.

Balance is a life-drainer.

Instead, my striving for a balanced life only brought more stress, more chaos, and more frustration.

You see, the pursuit of balance can feel like a never-ending task of keeping all the plates spinning requiring constant maintenance and assuming a heavy pressure for equality.

The work required to achieve a balanced life can be exhausting. My spiritual lethargy gave testimony to years of effort.

I stopped trying.

About a year ago, I stopped trying. I stopped trying to have equal parts of everything. I laid it down, dropped the mic, and signed out.

I found a pursuit much more effective and rewarding.

Not balance but fullness

Instead of a balanced life, I’ve turned my focus towards a full life. Instead of working so hard to maintain equal parts to all aspects of my life, I simply brought all aspects of my life to Jesus.

Jesus’ Fullness is Your Fullness.

Jesus is full (permeated, soaked through, dripping) with the inexhaustible sum total of all that God is.

…the glory as the One and Only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

Because of His fullness, you can be full.

We have all received grace upon grace from His fullness… John 1:16

There is no containment to His fullness. His grace and truth spill over INto you. You receive all that you needgrace, peace, satisfaction, contentment, balance– from His fullness.

What I really wanted- peace, steady, calm, satisfaction, contentment- has nothing to do with balance. It has everything to do with Jesus.  He is The One who brings peace, steady, calm, satisfaction, and contentment to your life.

Hang up the balancing act of your sea-saw life and rest in Him. Transfer all your effort and striving onto Him. Lean in close to Jesus and:

Admit you can’t achieve balance on your own.

Believe He can and His fullness can be your fullness.

Confess all your self-sufficient effort.

Obey what He says and depend on Him for the strength to do it.

Walk day-by-day in step with Him.

Stop trying to balance your life. The better life is a full life, full of Jesus.

This post is an excerpt from an upcoming project:not the same, desperate faith, grace and truth

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  1. Thank you for this blessed word. You have inspired me to redirect my energy. Thank you for putting the time & thoughtfulness into these articles! You are helping others more than you know:)

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