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Breathing Life into Stale Christianity

A-hem, is this you?

You may not even realize it. You would never label your Christianity as stale. When you evaluate your relationship with Jesus, you can list all the ways that it is: a-ok, good, sound, solid, and productive.

You do all these right, Biblical things. I’m so glad. These are good things. But, they are not the main thing.

If you are honest, you find yourself exhausted and disheartened from doing good things. You wonder, “Where did my passion go? Where is my excitement and joy?”

You discover a small lurking staleness in your Christianity: “Is this the abundant life that Jesus died for me to have?”

My friend, this is for you. Keep reading.

Feeling stale

Your Christianity no longer feels fresh or appealing. Your relationship with Jesus is flat.

Just this week, I felt stale. My prayers and Bible reading were stiff and passionless. Weariness sat on my shoulders as I kept trudging through life in my own strength. A lurking staleness was smothering my joy.

One simple word

How can you breathe life into this staleness?

One simple word: intimacy.

Intimacy is THE THING that will breathe life back into your relationship with Jesus. Get honest with God by pouring out your heart.

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. Psalm 62:8

Your heart is safe because:

God is trustworthy.

Intimacy always requires trust.

As you pour out your heart, be assured: God is gracious enough to not hold any of it against you. Your authentic emotions and thoughts are safe with Him. He will hold you tight.

God can take it- even if you can’t.

…pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord… Lam 2:19

Intimacy requires full disclosure.

Let your words flow until you are completely empty, until there is nothing left that you are keeping behind, withholding, or hiding.

Exposing yourself can be scary. But, God can take it.

But often it seems like the scariest person to get honest with may actually be… you. Uncover the hidden. Reveal your weakness. Acknowledge your sin.

When you stand in total exposure and experience God’s love moving towards you and not running from you, a new level of freedom and joy rushes in. His grace breathes life.

3 tips to intimacy

  1. Start writing.

Really. Forgo praying in our head. You need to participate in this. Sit down and write with actual paper and pen. Don’t hold anything back. It’s just between you and God. This is the key!

2. Set a time limit.

Be focused and pour out for 10 – 15 minutes.  If you go for 45 minutes, you may not want to do it again the next day.

3. Let truth have the last word.

Don’t let your ugly have the last word. Pivot to the truth of God. Personalize Psalm 62:8 with something like this:

“Lord, I’ve poured out my heart to you. I know it is safe with you. I trust in You at all times. You are my refuge, the safe place I can run to. I am weak. It is in my weakness that You are strong. Flood my naked heart with Your grace. I love you.”

Start getting honest. Expose all of your heart to God. Allow His grace to breathe life into your soul.