5 Ways in 5 Days

5 ways in 5 days

I have a fun idea for 2014…The last full week of EVERY MONTH, let’s MEET together 5 straight days

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday –  Friday

Let’s EMBRACE 5 ways of these “how tos” in our lives!  Like a crash course of sorts every month- 5 Ways in 5 Days!

Below you will find the designated week and the topic as it comes along, sort of like a table of contents with links to the posts in each series:

January 27-31: How to Find the Love of Your Life

February 24-28: How to Offload the MoM GUiLT

March 24-28: How to Speak Love into your Marriage

May 19-23: How to Find JOY in Your Crazy!

5 square

It’s going to be a great journey together!

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