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Here’s an excerpt:

Why is it so difficult?

Why is it so difficult to accept ourselves- to live in a realistic awareness of our strengths and weaknesses?Our lack of acceptance can land anywhere on this wide spectrum of reasons:

You exude confidence and strength to others, but your acceptance depends on your intellect and reliability. You must preform to be acceptable.

You have everything you’ve dreamed of, but you are still wrestling with discontentment and jealousy. You must have things to be acceptable.

You defer all blame in your relationships to the other person. You must be right to be acceptable.

You identify a negative inner dialogue, but you don’t know how to stop criticizing yourself. You doubt that you are acceptable.

Your rebellious, stupid past has ripped an enormous wound across your heart, and you continue to punish yourself for your sin. You will never be acceptable because of what you’ve done.

When we depend on anything else but Jesus to define our value- to truly accept our strengths and weaknesses in a healthy balance and understanding, we will never truly be satisfied or fully accepted.

It is only when the truth of who you are is confronted with the grace of God that ultimate acceptance is found. As I accepted His love for me, I learned to accept myself.

Journey to self-acceptance

Breathe In Grace comes out of my personal desire to explore what God says about grace beyond the famous hymn. I selected 10 verses (not exhaustive) that illuminate various aspects and dimensions to grace. My prayer is that by presenting many specificities of grace, you will catch a glimpse of God’s massive expression of love for you.

Breathe in grace

Breathe in grace. Take in deep breaths of God’s love for you. Let it fill up your heart and may it become part of who you are.

Breathe in grace and experience the life that it brings.

(taken from the “Introduction” of Breathe In Grace)

Breathe in grace, my friend.