God through His Word has rescued me from my crazy, held me close in my grief, and been my light when I was in the dark. He is like none other.


It is my delight (pure delight) to gather with other women and dig deep into His truth together, discovering the relevant application of hope that He offers to each one of us- personally, intimately, and powerfully through His word.


With professional teaching experience as a history teacher and, later, as a corporate trainer in customer service and computer conversions, communicating God’s truth to the open-hearted learner and then connecting those truths to their reality is the passion of my heart.

Are you looking for someone to engage and clearly communicate the powerful truth of His Word?

Are you praying for God to change hearts by the uncompromising application of His truth into the reality of their everyday lives?

Me too. That is my heartbeat. We are on the same page.

Topic and Teachings

I have many themes/topics/teachings from previous events. Let me know if you are interested in looking at those. Or, I can customize whatever is on your heart as the focus of your event.

Simply fill in your information below with your name, church/venue, location, date, and anything else you think is important to share. I look forward to connecting with you!

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