Ugly Attitudes

Ugly Attitudes Bible Study

Some days, do you feel like you are bearly holding it all together?

Just one more thing, one more, will send you over the edge is emotional explosion leaving destructive carnage scattered about??

I do. Almost every day.

My attitudes can be very sticky, dictating whether I have a good day or bad one. They can rule my relationships, cloud my “have-to” tasks, dim my relationship with God, and govern how I live my life. Ugh! Many times, I feel I have no power to break through the ugly! Do ya feel me?

But the truth is: We do not have to be victims to our attitudes! We can be free of those ugly attitudes! Ugly no more!

Here are a list of links for this series, sort of like a Table of Contents:

1. Attitudes, the Graffiti on My Heart

2. The “Ugly Attitude Power Hold”

3. Attitudes to Chew On 

4. Not Intimidated by the Perfect Attitude of Jesus

5. A Week of Family Togetherness: Naughty or Nice?

6. The Things That Boys Build

7.  Muting the Whispers of Discouragement

8. The THING to Finding Hope in the Hopeless


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